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AboutAwards and honours

Awards and honours

Gold Medal

Gold Medallists have made outstanding contributions to the practice and science of interventional radiology on an international scale. National contributions and clinical excellence alone shall not be sufficient. Gold Medallists also have significantly promoted the image and impact of the society by personal influence and international recognition.

Distinguished Fellowship

Distinguished Fellows have made exceptional contributions to the practice and science of interventional radiology.

Honorary Lectures

Each year the two Honorary Lectures, the Andreas Grüntzig Lecture and the Josef Rösch Lecture, are given by scientists whose contributions to IR, the development of interventional radiology and CIRSE are widely recognised. Honoring the late German radiology legend Andreas Grüntzig, this eponymous lecture has been given by some of IR’s most outstanding representatives upon invitation from the CIRSE Executive Committee. Since its introduction in 2003, the Josef Rösch Lecture has been given by a number of prominent interventional radiologists who have taken this opportunity to reflect on the status of interventional radiology and its various treatments.

Award of Excellence and Innovation in IR

The Award of Excellence and Innovation in Interventional Radiology is sponsored by the Rolf W. Günther Foundation for Radiological Sciences and is awarded for outstanding work for the advancement of interventional radiology. Established in 2012, this distinction has been given to some of the most innovative physicians in the field.

2022 CVIR Editors’ Medal

Established in 1997, the CVIR Editors’ Medal is presented to the first author of the best paper published in CVIR the previous year. The winning paper is chosen by the Editor-in-Chief who takes into account recommendations made by the section and regional editors. The Editor’s Medal is not only a medal on its own but is also accompanied by a grant of 5,000 EUR. This substantial contribution makes the CVIR Editors’ Medal one of the best prizes awarded by an international journal and we hope that it will encourage even more authors to send their best work to CVIR.

EBIR Certificate of Distinction

This year, the two top-scoring candidates from the 2021 and 2022 European Board of Interventional Radiology (EBIR) examinations are awarded a certificate of distinction for their outstanding performance. The EBIR is a voluntary supplemental examination designed to evaluate interventional radiologists on the clinical and technical knowledge necessary to carry out safe and effective treatments for patients. Established in 2010, the EBIR has continuously developed to keep up with the times. The most recent development was the transformation to a fully remote format in 2021. The examination has brought forth almost 1,000 proud diploma holders worldwide and can now be taken in three languages, English, Spanish and German.