Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

Science for people

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

Science for people

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

Science for people
AboutWelcome to CIRSE 2022

Welcome to CIRSE 2022

Thomas Kröncke
Thomas Kröncke
Scientific Programme Committee Chairperson
Adam Hatzidakis
Adam Hatzidakis
Scientific Programme Committee Deputy Chairperson

CIRSE 2022 – Science for People

The last two years have been a great trial for the medical field. First and foremost, of course, in terms of fighting a seemingly relentless virus, but also in terms of keeping our research, continuing education and knowledge exchange alive while tackling this great challenge. With the support of its tightly knit community and loyal corporate partners, CIRSE rose to this challenge, offering outstanding online congresses tailor-made to be as innovative as interventional radiology itself.

These great meetings enabled us to continue exchanging the latest data on the treatments we offer, increasing the evidence-base in our field while further pushing its boundaries. The CIRSE 2021 Summit alone featured more than 300 live lectures, 970 on-demand presentations and 33 satellite symposia, thus offering the most comprehensive IR congress ever hosted online only.

Despite the success of CIRSE’s 2020/2021 online meetings, we are delighted to host CIRSE 2022 both onsite and online. We think we will all agree that seeing each other in person and discussing challenges and new ideas face to face will be an absolute pleasure which we will now appreciate more than ever before.

The CIRSE 2022 programme will have two main foci: building the evidence through research and enhancing patient-centred care: a science for people.

The Endovascular Programme

The first congress day will host the PAD Day, featuring among others the [email protected] session giving an optimal platform for presenting the latest research in peripheral arterial disease.

IDEAS, the three-day congress-within-the-congress on aortic treatment, will be a beacon of interdisciplinary knowledge exchange with its six expert round tables comprised of interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons from around the world. Discussed topics will include controversies in the devious neck, considerations in acute type B dissection, and a debate on standard EVAR within IFU, among others.

CIRSE 2022 will also feature a strong venous focus with a hot topic symposium examining the state-of-the-art treatment of acute DVT, case-based discussions on IVC filter removal and venous cases gone wrong, an expert round table on the management of acute PE, hands-on device trainings, a workshop on venous access, a video learning session on paediatric vascular access, and much more.

The endovascular programme will be complemented by more hands-on training opportunities than ever before, including for closure devices, central lines and ports, venous stenting, EVAR, FEVAR and BEVAR, and many more topics currently in the works.


The embolisation track will cover the entire range of embolotherapy, offering a series of fundamental courses on established treatments, such as uterine fibroid management and embolisation in bleeding, as well as case-based discussions providing practical tips and tricks, and sessions on some of the field’s hottest topics, including PAE and treating complex visceral aneurysms.

Interventional Oncology

The oncology sessions at CIRSE 2022 will hone in on a variety of topical subjects, such as renal cancer management, oligometastatic disease, and advanced technology in IO. In addition, workshops will provide practical tips and tricks on ablation for liver and lung metastases, respectively.

Non-vascular Interventions

For interventionists focusing on non-vascular treatments, there will be a number of focus sessions, including on pain management, transplantation complications, and lymphatic leaks. A clinical evaluation course will provide the opportunity to learn about thyroid percutaneous procedures. At an expert round table discussion, a distinguished faculty will debate advanced biliary treatment.


The neuro-intervention track will include a course on the fundamentals of stroke management, a workshop on acute stroke management, and an expert round table in which various distinguished experts will discuss the latest evidence in the field, from the results of the Racecat study to the question of IVT or no IVT before EVT, among others.

To complement the sessions on scientific and clinical topics, CIRSE 2022 will also offer a wide array of content on IR management, from pointers on how to establish a modern practice to what promises to be an extremely interesting round table discussion on multidisciplinary collaboration with representatives from numerous other medical specialities.

Investing in the next generation

CIRSE stays committed to engaging with the next generation of physicians with its extensive Students Programme allowing medical students to attend the congress free of charge. For young interventionists, the European Trainee Forum will host a series of dedicated lectures focusing on topics of particular relevance to interventionists at the start of their career.

As you can see, the CIRSE 2022 programme will feature a plethora of lectures, workshops and symposia on everything modern interventional radiology has to offer. With the beautiful backdrop of the city of Barcelona, we will celebrate life, science and togetherness. An experience no IR should miss!