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Unleash the potential
CIRSE | September 9-13 | Bella Center Copenhagen - Denmark
Have you unleashed the full potential of Lipiodol® in Liver Management "yet"?
Join our symposium to find out
Sunday, Sep. 10 · 14:30 - 15:30 (60mins) · Auditorium 10/1st floor
Does the ability to accurately predict Lipiodol® deposition allow treatment modification during liver procedures?
Prof. Thomas Vogl University Hospital Frankfurt, Germany
Portal Vein Embolization or liver venous deprivation for growth of Future Liver Remnant hypertrophy?
Chairman & Speaker
Prof. Boris Guiu
St-Eloi University Hospital,
Managing the body's drain: leaks, overflow and blockages in the treatment of ascites
PD Dr. Claus Pieper University Hospital Bonn,
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Expert Corner
Lymphangiography is undergoing a renaissance, as more and more clinicians realize that it is an important asset to consider in the patient journey
Immerse yourself in the virtual 3D world of lymphangiography and learn about the
different techniques.
Book your virtual glasses for a 45-minute dive into the cathlab of Prof. Max Itkin.
Bookable in advance on Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue between 09:00 - 12:00.
On demand every day from 12:00 - 14:00 (depending on availability).
Come and meet the experts with all your questions or just your interest in Lymphangiography.

Monday and Tuesday afternoon.
Prof. Max Itkin University of Pennsylvania, USA
PD Dr. Claus Pieper University Hospital Bonn, Germany
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