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40 years in interventional radiology
Three symposia recordings now available
CIRSE 2022 is coming to an end, we are pleased to have met many of you, and for
those who missed this edition in person, here are three symposia to see in replay mode.
Beyond access, does the catheter choice influence procedure success?
the replay
In this symposium, you’ll look at the data showing how SeQure® delivers more
embolics while also preventing NTE, and be able to review numerous cases illustrating NTE and beads delivery.
Chairman: Prof. Mark Little
Royal Berkshire NHS - Foundation Trust, Reading - UK
Minimizing non target embolization
Dr. Youssef Zaarour - GHU Henri Mondor - Creteil - FR
Deliver more
Dr. Ron Gaba - University of Illinois Hospital, Chicago - USA
Optimizing beads delivery
Dr. Sachin Modi - Southampton University Hospital - UK
Optimizing treatment approaches for HCC
the replay
HCC management is evolving with more selective treatments and more combined therapies. In this symposium, you’ll learn more about these combined and selective procedures as well as the benefits of cTACE and immunotherapy.
Chairman: Prof. Thierry de Baere
Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif - FR
Is super-selective TACE a key to success?
Prof. Maxime Ronot - Beaujon University Hospital,
Clichy - FR
TACE combined with ablation, real life practice today, guideline tomorrow?
Prof. Chiara Floridi - Ospedali Riuniti Torrette, Ancona - IT
Can TACE partner with immunotherapy?
A preliminary experience.

Dr. Lynn Jeanette Savic - Universitätsmedizin La
Charité, Berlin - DE
Lymphatic system: new horizons in visualization and treatment
the replay
After the arterial and venous system, the lymphatic system presents a new spectrum
of potential diseases that can be treated with a lymphatic approach in interventional radiology. In this symposium, you will discover why we need to continue investing to better understand the anatomy and physiology of lymphatic drainage.
Chairman: Prof. Christof Matthias Sommer
Heidelberg University Hospital - DE
Speaker: Prof. Maxim Itkin - Penn Medicine, Philadelphia - USA