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Gloria Salazar, M.D (Moderator)
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, United States


Anna Maria Ierardi, M.D
Fondazione IRCCS Cà Granda Ospedale
University of Milan, Italy


Jose Urbano, M.D
Ramón y Cajal University Hospital
Madrid, Spain


Romaric Loffroy, M.D
François-Mitterrand University Hospital
Dijon, France



Title Speaker
Onyx Liquid Embolic System for Type 2 endoleaks Anna Maria Ierardi, M.D
Pelvic bleed cases with MVP Micro Vascular Plug ​or Onyx Liquid Embolic System​ Jose Urbano, M.D
Options for emborrhoid cases: Concerto Detachable Coil System​ or Onyx Liquid Embolic System​ Romaric Loffroy, M.D
Pelvic Venous Disorders: Embolotherapy and Venous Stenting Gloria Salazar, M.D
Ellipsis Vascular Access System

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