Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

Science for people

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

Science for people

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

Science for people

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CIRSE 2022 had the most extensive [email protected] sessions ever held, which featured original papers and brand-new, ground-breaking IR studies presented by the researchers.

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SP 301 – [email protected]: First data release from the global IR community

Saturday, September 10, 11:15-12:45

Moderators: S. Müller-Hülsbeck (Flensburg/DE), F. Wolf (Vienna/AT)

301.1 / Long-term follow-up of subjects with aortoiliac occlusive disease treated with the VIABAHN VBX balloon expandable endoprosthesis
A. Holden (Auckland/NZ)

301.2 / Long-term effectiveness and safety of femoropopliteal drug-coated balloon angioplasty – 5-years results of the randomized-controlled EffPacTrial
U. Teichgräber (Jena/DE)

301.3 / Orbital atherectomy in CLTI patients: a value-based impact in Italy
M. Palena (Abano Terme/IT)

301.4 / PRIZER study using Renzan™ stent for endovascular interventions in femoropopliteal area: primary safety endpoint at 30-days
K. Deloose (Dendermonde/BE)

301.5 / FemoSeal CLOSE: prospective multicentre observational study with vascular closure device FemoSeal™ following lower-limb arterial endovascular procedures
Y. Gouëffic (Paris/FR)

301.6 / Update on the DEEPER LIMUS trial: the temporary spur stent system in conjunction with a sirolimus-coated balloon
M. Brodmann (Graz/AT)

301.7 / MOTIV BTK post market clinical trial – preliminary 12 month study results
T. Rand (Vienna/AT)

301.8 / A novel high performance PCB for reliable and persistent inhibition of neointimal proliferation? Studies in pigs based on a clinical observation
G. Tepe (Rosenheim/DE)

301.9 / SAVAL: primary results of the randomised trial of DES vs. PTA in infrapopliteal arteries
H. van Overhagen (The Hague/NL)

SP 3007 – [email protected]: New frontiers

Tuesday, September 13, 16:15-17:15

Moderators: R. Morgan (London/GB)

3007.1  / Safety and efficacy of radioembolization of metastatic breast cancer to the liver as a 2nd/3rd line therapy
N. Kokabi (Atlanta/US)

3007.2 / DRAGON 1 – training, accreditation, implementation and safety evaluation of Portal and Hepatic Vein Embolization (PVE/HVE) to accelerate Future Liver Remnant (FLR) hypertrophy
R. Korenblik (Maastricht/NL)

3007.3 / Clinical impact of a volumetric image method for confirming tumour coverage with Ablation on patients with malignant Liver Lesions (COVER-ALL Trial)
B. Odisio (Houston/US)

3007.4 / Safety and efficacy of peripheral embolization with EASYX™ liquid agent: a multicenter prospective study
M. Sapoval (Paris/FR)

3007.5 / Genicular artery embolization for knee osteoarthritis: data from a randomized sham controlled trial
T. Van Zadelhoff (Rotterdam/NL)