Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

Science for people

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

Science for people

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

September 10-14 | Barcelona, Spain

Science for people
ProgrammePoster award winners

Poster award winners

At each CIRSE congress, awards are given for the best poster presentations. Posters are reviewed by members of the Scientific Programme Committee and consideration is given to scientific rigour, contribution to the field of interventional radiology, and overall presentation. The posters selected for the CIRSE 2022 Poster Awards can be viewed by clicking the links below.

Benefit of repeat prostatic artery embolization on persistent or recurring lower urinary tract symptoms

by Raphael Lehrer
co-authors: T. Boeken, A. Di Gaeta, C. Querub, M. Al Ahmar, C. Dean, O. Pellerin, M. Sapoval

Lympho what? – Pictorial overview of lymphangiography and the strategies for management of lymphorrhea

by Eduardo Chacon
co-authors: L. Acosta, C. Diab, M. Ozen, G. Gabriel, D. Raissi, R. Galuppo

Imaging of chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension before, during and after balloon pulmonary angioplasty

by Alfredo Páez-Carpio
co-authors: F. Zarco, I. Vollmer, C. Martin, E. Serrano, D. Corominas, B. Domènech-Ximenos, L. Cornellás, X. Freixa, I. Blanco, J. Barberà, F. Gómez

Role of popliteal sciatic nerve block in endovascular revascularization of critical limb ischemia

by Floriana Nardelli
co-authors: C. Maglia, A. Discalzi, A. Mancini, F. Gobbi, M. Calandri, P. Fonio

Score to predict the occurrence of pneumothorax after CT-guided percutaneous transthoracic lung biopsy

by Franck Grillet
co-authors: Y. Lamfichekh, V. Lafay, P. Calame, G. Eberst, V. Westeel

Adrenal venous sampling: a technical review

by Taylor Schoenheit
co-authors: J. Shields, A. Liles

An update on patient reported outcomes in interventional radiology

by Iain Irvine
co-authors: L. Greene, R. Hayden, G. Allen, P. Cooper, A. Francis, A. Cullen, A. Ryan

Generation of synthetic subtraction angiograms in abdominal region using deep learning

by Hiroki Yonezawa
co-authors: D. Ueda, A. Yamamoto, K. Kageyama, S. Walston, T. Nota, K. Murai, S. Ogawa, E. Sohgawa, A. Jogo, D. Kabata, Y. Miki

Three-year’s single-center experience with inflammatory embolization in Brazil

by Mateus Picada Correa
co-authors: R. Puton, J. Saleh, R. Noel, L. Borges, L. Jatczak, Bajerski