September 9-13 | Copenhagen, Denmark

building better care

September 9-13 | Copenhagen, Denmark

building better care

September 9-13 | Copenhagen, Denmark

September 9-13 | Copenhagen, Denmark

September 9-13 | Copenhagen, Denmark

building better care
IndustrySatellite symposia

Satellite symposia

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Programme by day

SY 402 Decades of continuous innovation – shaping the future of PAD patient care
13:00-14:00 CEST, Room 117

Moderators: K. Deloose (Dendermonde/BE), R. Langhoff (Berlin/DE)

402.1 The legacy of Lutonix™ a decade long proven track record
M. Brodmann (Graz/AT)

402.2 The Halo Effect™ innovation to reduce access site complications
R. Langhoff (Berlin/DE)

402.3 Recorded case innovations into practice
B. Migliara (Verona/IT)

402.4 The future for the PAD patient
K. Deloose (Dendermonde/BE)

402.5 Discussion

Boston Scientific
SY 403 Tumour cryoablation: long-term results and new indications…
13:00-14:00 CEST, Room 116

Moderator: A. Gangi (Strasbourg/FR)

T1a RCC cryoablation: should it now be standard of care?
D.J. Breen (Southampton/GB)

403.2 Cryoablation of bone metastases: a curative approach?
R.L. Cazzato (Strasbourg/FR)

403.3 New indications for cryoablation in soft-tissue neoplasms (endometriosis)
A. Gangi (Strasbourg/FR)

403.4 Cryoneurolysis
D. Filippiadis (Athens/GR)

 403.5 Round table

Abbott Vascular
SY 404 Looking beyond the intervention: how to improve management of patients with lower limb disease
13:00-14:00, Auditorium 2

Lunch bags available

Moderators: F. Fanelli (Florence/IT), T. Kröncke (Augsburg/DE)

404.1 Welcome

404.2 Peripheral artery disease – a look beyond the intervention
F. Fanelli (Florence/IT)

404.3 Lead by example: the importance of creating public awareness
D. Perkov (Zagreb/HR)

404.4 Lead by example: what is important for my patients, and how can I provide them with customised treatment and follow-up?
L. Patrone (London/GB)

404.5 Lead by example: achieving best patients’ results through a multidisciplinary approach – how to start a diabetic foot clinic
L. De Benito Fernández (Madrid/ES)

 404.6 Key takeaways

SY 405 Beyond access, does the catheter choice influence procedure success?
13:00-14:00, Room 115

Lunch bags available

Moderator: M. Little (Reading/GB)

405.1 Introduction

405.2 Deliver more
R. Gaba (Chicago, IL/US)

405.3 Minimising non-target embolisation
Y. Zaarour (Paris/FR)

405.4 Optimising beads delivery
S. Modi (London/GB)

405.5 Q&A

SY 608 Interventions for long, complex lesions in patients with critical limb ischaemia above- or below-the-knee
16:15-16:35, Room 116

Moderators: J. van den Berg (Lugano/CH)

608.1 Below-the-knee: the importance of vessel preparation to minimise acute complications and the need for stenting
J. Van Den Berg (Lugano/CH)

608.2 Above-the-knee: optimal tools and techniques for the treatment of complex femoropopliteal lesions
G. Tepe (Rosenheim/DE)

Cook Medical
SY 801 TIPS intervention: the earlier the better?
08:00-08:20, Room 112

Moderator: A. Moelker (Bergschenhoek/NL)

801.1 TIPS intervention: the earlier the better?
V. Hernandez-Gea (Barcelona/ES)

Boston Scientific
SY 1102 Complexity, comorbidities and under-served populations with PAD: the value of drug eluting technologies
11:30-12:30, Auditorium 1

Moderators: M. Brodmann (Graz/AT), G. Tepe (Rosenheim/DE)

1102.1 Introduction

1102.2 RCTs for drug eluting technology in PAD
M. Brodmann (Graz/AT)

1102.3 Real world patients and drug eluting technologies
S. Kum (Singapore/SG)

1102.4 Discussion

1102.5 Analysis of DET outcomes and SFA algorithm
S. Steiner (Leipzig/DE)

1102.6 What data do we still need?
G. Tepe (Rosenheim/DE)

1102.7 Discussion

1102.8 Regional challenges for drug eluting technologies
A. Justanaih (Riyadh/SA)

1102.9 ELEGANCE objectives and update
M. Brodmann (Graz/AT)

1102.10 Discussion

1102.11 Closing

Varian, A Siemens Healthineers Company
SY 1103 Optimising cryoablation in MSK
11:30-12:30, Room 116

Lunch bags available

Moderator: D. Breen (Southampton/GB)

1103.1 Versatility of cryoablation and patient selection
J. Jennings (Saint Luis, MO/US)

1103.2 Case review with discussion
T. Jakobs (Munich/DE), L. Crocetti (Pisa/IT)

Biotronik AG
SY 1104 The good for the bad and the ugly: how technology bailed me out of my worst cases
11:30-12:30, Auditorium 2

Moderator: C.A. Binkert (Winterthur/CH)

1104.1 Introduction

1104.2 My wire crossed but nothing else will, now what?
M.A. Ruffino (Turin/IT)

1104.3 The most hostile groin I ever saw
J. van den Berg (Lugano/CH)

1104.4 Bifurcations beyond challenging. What to do? – Discussion
P. Sbarzaglia (Cotignola/IT)

1104.5 Summary

SY 1105 Patient care algorithms for fistula creation & maintenance: case studies and data-driven decisions
11:30-12:30, Room 115

Lunch bags available

Moderator: F. Fanelli (Florence/IT)

1105.1 Welcome, introduction and background

1105.2 ESKD patient care: a nephrologist’s perspective
J. Ibeas (Barcelona/ES)

1105.3 Fistula creation: my experiences as a new Ellipsys user
F. Fanelli (Florence/IT)

1105.4 Fistula maintenance: how data informs my patient algorithm
A. Holden (Auckland/NZ)

1105.5 Panel discussion, Q&A and conclusions

Terumo Interventional Systems
SY 1202 New nitinol braided stent: crossing last frontier in the FemPop treatment
13:00-14:00, Auditorium 1

Lunch bags available

Moderator: K. Deloose (Dendermonde/BE)

1202.1 Opening

1202.2 State of the art in the FemPop treatment
M. Palena (Abano Terme/IT)

1202.3 Renzan stent & PRIZER study safety data & stent performance
K. Deloose (Dendermonde/BE)

1202.4 Case in the box with RenzanTM stent #1
Y. Goueffic (Nantes/FR)

1202.5 Case in the box with RenzanTM stent #2
M. Lichtenberg (Arnsberg/DE)

1202.6 Closing

SY 1203 WavelinQ™ EndoAVF – not only creating an AV fistula but also making a difference
13:00-14:00, Auditorium 2

Moderator: F. Fanelli (Florence/IT)

1203.1 End stage kidney disease – the patient voice
D. Gallego (Valencia/IT)

1203.2 WavelinQ™ EndoAVF Clinical Program
P. Kitrou (Patras/GR)

1203.3 Recorded case with WavelinQ™ EndoAVF – the antiparallel option
O. Jaffer (London/GB)

1203.4 Recorded case with WavelinQ™ EndoAVF – the wrist approach
Y. Al Zahrani (Riyadh/SA)

1203.5 Secondary procedures in WavelinQ™ EndoAVF – a practical approach to diagnosis and intervention
C.A. Binkert (Winterthur/CH)

1203.7 Discussion

Boston Scientific
SY 1204 EPOCH: from the data to the patient
13:00-14:00, Room 116

1204.1 The EPOCH phase III trial
R. Salem (Chicago, IL/US)

1204.2 Understanding the technical aspects of treatment with Y-90 glass microspheres in mCRC
K. Fowers (Centerville, UT/US)

1204.3 Using the evidence in patient management
M. Lam (Utrecht/NL)

1204.4 Discussion/Q&A

Inari Medical
SY 1205 Advancing the treatment of VTE with lytic-free mechanical thrombectomy system
13:00-14:00, Room 114

Lunch bags available

Moderator: R. de Graaf (Friedrichshafen/DE)

1205.1 Patient selection for the interventional treatment of acute PE
B. Gebauer (Berlin/DE)

1205.2 Lytic-free thrombectomy in upper extremity DVT
R. de Graaf (Friedrichshafen/DE)

1205.3 Does the age of clot matter in the treatment of DVT?
A. Wigham (Oxford/GB)

1205.4 Lytic-free mechanical thrombectomy as part of the DVT treatment pathway
G. Grözinger (Tübingen/DE)

1205.5 Q&A

SY 1305 Innovating the procedure: integrated image-guidance for lower limb revascularisation
14:30-15:30, Room 117

Moderator: F. Fanelli (Florence/IT)

1305.1 Latest advances in intraprocedural imaging
C. von Stempel (London/GB)

1305.2 The benefit of IVUS-guided atherectomy for complex lesions
G. Korosoglou (Weinheim/DE)

1305.3 Optimising PTA outcomes with the Tack dissection repair system
D. van den Heuvel (Nieuwegein/NL)

1305.4 Image guided intervention in practice: can we optimise outcomes? Recorded case
M. Lichtenberg (Arnsberg/DE)

SY 1306 Optimising treatment approaches for HCC today
14:30-15:30, Room 116

Moderator: T. De Baère (Villejuif/FR)

1306.1 Introduction

1306.2 cTACE combined with ablation, real life practice today, guideline tomorrow?
C. Floridi (Ancona/IT)

1306.3 Is super-selective cTACE a key to success?
M. Ronot (Clichy/FR)

1306.4 Can cTACE partner with immunotherapy? A preliminary experience
L.J. Savic (Berlin/DE)

1306.5 Q&A

SY 1307 CAS-One® IR – Technology. Evidence. Economics.
14:30-15:30, Room 115

Moderator: L. Crocetti (Pisa/IT)

1307.1 CAS-One IR – current and future technology
N. Shaida (Cambridge/GB)

1307.2 CAS-One IR – the evidence landscape
M. Beermann (Danderyd/SE)

1307.3 CAS-One IR – economic value
L. Lürken (Regensburg/DE)

1307.4 Discussion and Q&A

SY 1408 How to optimise interventional oncology outcomes using MWA
16:15-16:35, Room 119

Moderator: M. Meijerink (Amsterdam/NL)

1408.1 Optimise outcomes with reliability
M. Calandri (Turin/IT)

1408.2 Why sphericity in MWA is valuable for improved outcomes
M. Meijerink (Amsterdam/NL)

SY 1507 Lymphatic system: new horizons in visualisation and treatment
17:30-17:50, Room 114

Moderator: C.M. Sommer (Heidelberg/DE)

1507.1 Lymphatic system: new horizons in visualisation and treatment
M. Itkin (Philadelphia, PA/US)

1507.2 Q&A

IceCure Medical
SY 1508 Liquid nitrogen based cryoablation for optimal tumour destruction
17:30-18:10, Room 112

Main moderator: F. Orsi (Milan/IT)
Co-moderator: E. Atar (Petah Tikva/IL)

1508.1 Introduction

1508.2 Cryoablation close to the spinal cord: nerve protection
T. Kammoun (Nimes/FR)

1508.3 Cryoablation close to the nerves: nerve monitoring
L. Berny (Nimes/FR)

1508.4 Embolisation and cryoablation in a desmoid tumour – a combined approach therapy
T. Assa (Petah Tikva/IL)

1508.5 No limits in the cryoablation of breast lesions
L. Graña López (Lugo/ES)

1508.6 Q&A

Cook Medical
SY 1601 How interventionists can play a vital role in venous ulcer management
08:00-08:20, Room 112

1601.1 How interventionists can play a vital role in venous ulcer management
S. Black (London/GB)

Boston Scientific
SY 1902 Seeing clearly and clearing effectively: the utility of IVUS and thrombectomy in your practice
11:30-12:30, Auditorium 1

Moderator: G.J. O’Sullivan (Galway/IE)

1902.1 Introduction

1902.2 IVUS in vascular interventions: data, expert review and consensus
E. Secemsky (Boston/GB)

1902.3 Thrombectomy strategies in lower limb arterial intervention
G. Goyault (Strasbourg/FR)

1902.4 Thrombectomy strategies in venous intervention
N. Karunanithy (London/GB)

1902.5 Closing

Canon Medical Systems Europe B.V.
SY 1903 Redefine interventions with angio-CT
11:30-12:30, Room 115

Moderator: M. Hoffmann (Basel/CH)

1903.1 4DCT for liver interventions: still looking for the limits…
B. Guiu (Montpellier/FR)

1903.2 High-performance angio-CT: the powerful combination of high-def angio- and 4D-CT
T. Tanaka (Kashihara/JP)

SY 1904 Conversation with the experts: embolotherapy for the treatment of haemorrhage
11:30-12:30, Room 116

Lunch bags available

Moderator: F. Wolf (Vienna/AT)

1904.1 Welcome, introduction, and background

1904.2 Case presentation #1
A.M. Ierardi (Milan/IT)

1904.3 Case presentation #2
H. Lindgren (Helsinborg/SE)

1904.4 Case presentation #3
R. Loffroy (Dijon/FR)

1904.5 Case presentation #4
F. Wolf (Vienna/AT)

1904.6 Panel discussion and closing

Cook Medical
SY 1905 Complex, calcified lesions in the SFA – how to treat with predictable outcomes
11:30-12:30, Auditorium 2

 Moderator: M. Dake (Tucson, AZ/US)

1905.1 DES vs bypass: 36-month update and health economic snapshot from ZILVERPASS
M. Bosiers (Münster/DE)

1905.2 How I treat long TASC C&D lesions
K. Deloose (Dendermonde/BE)

1905.3 DES vs DCB+BMS: based on clinical evidence
S. Steiner (Leipzig/DE)

1905.4 How I treat long and calcified lesions
F. Fanelli (Florence/IT)

1905.5 How I treat long and calcified lesions
M. Manzi (Abano Therme/IT)

Terumo Interventional Systems
SY 2002 Building the evidence in treating HCC patients with the Holmium Platform
13:00-13:45, Room 117

Lunch bags available

Moderators: I. Bargellini (Florence/IT), J. Ricke (Munich/DE)

2002.1 Introduction

2002.2 HEPAR Primary
M. Lam (Utrecht/NL)

2002.3 RETOUCH
G. Verset (Brussels/BE)

2002.4 HOMIE-166
J. Ricke (Munich/DE)

L. Tselikas (Villejuif/FR)

2002.6 Conclusion

SY 2003 Latest data and treatment for iliofemoral DVT – improving quality of life
13:00-14:00, Auditorium 1

Moderator: M. Lichtenberg (Arnsberg/DE)

2003.1 Prospective multicentre evaluation of Aspirex™S in iliofemoral DVT treatment 1-month outcomes
R. Loffroy (Dijon/FR)

2003.2 Recorded case – from vessel preparation to iliofemoral DVT treatment, tips & tricks
M. Mirandola (Verona/IT)

2003.3 Recorded case – endovascular strategies for the treatment of May-Thurner syndrome
D. Baccellieri (Milan/IT)

2003.4 VERNACULAR trial – 36-month results of the Venovo™ Venous Stent System
G. O’Sullivan (Galway/IE)

2003.5 Discussion

Gore & Associates
SY 2004 Improving life in complex patient settings
13:00-14:00, Auditorium 2

Lunch bags available

Treatment of aortoiliac occlusive disease – the next generation of care

Moderator: A. Holden (Auckland/NZ),

2004.1 Welcome and introduction

2004.2 Aortoiliac occlusive disease, an increasingly complex condition – key advantages of covered stent treatment
R. Lely (Amsterdam/NL)

2004.3 VBX FLEX study. 5-year follow-up of patients with aortoiliac occlusive disease
A. Holden (Auckland/NZ)

2004.4 Conclusion

Small TIPS safety: what have we learned?

Moderator: G. Maleux (Leuven/BE)

2004.5 Welcome and introduction

2004.6 Pre-emptive TIPS is reducing complications and is life-saving. How to optimise treatment?
R. Loffroy (Dijon/FR)

2004.7 Early stage of ascites treatment: lessons learned using 8 mm covered TIPS stents
R. Miraglia (Palermo/IT)

2004.8 Conclusion

Siemens Healthineers
SY 2005 From embolisation to ablation: image guided therapy with the latest generation of imaging platforms
13:00-14:00, Room 116

Lunch bags available

Moderators: A. Gangi (Strasbourg/FR), F. Wacker (Hannover/DE)

2005.1 Precision in embolisation: scientific evidence for DynaCT applications
G. Grözinger (Tuebingen/DE)

2005.2 Imaging guidance in 2022: tackle challenges in IR with latest generation of angiography platform
B. Meyer (Hannover/DE)

2005.3 Needle procedures in CT: a fully integrated guidance tool that facilitates speed and accuracy
F. Wacker (Hannover/DE)

Shockwave Medical
SY 2104 Cracking the calcium conundrum in PAD treatment with Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL)
14:30-15:30, Room 114

Moderator: A. Holden (Auckland/NZ)

2104.1 Change compliance, change the game!
A. Holden (Auckland/NZ)

2104.2 Why IVL preserves patient options
E. Alejandre-Lafont (St. Gallen/CH)

2104.3 Data to support our daily PAD practice
E. Blessing (Heidelberg/DE)

2104.4 Expanding the treatment boundaries in below-the-knee calcification
M. Palena (Abano Therme/IT)

2104.5 A sound, safe solution for CLTI
B.B Huasen (Lancashire/GB)

SY 2105 New imaging approaches in interventional oncology
14:30-15:30, Room 115

Moderator: C. Peña (Miami, FL/US)

2105.1 Improved hepatic tumour ablation; better outcomes and a small footprint
M. Smits (Utrecht/NL)

2105.2 Spectral CT as innovative imaging guidance in large lesions lung biopsies. XperGuide and Z-effective fusion for more defined targets, more diagnostic samplings and more biomarkers information
F. Piacentino (Varese/IT)

2105.3 Bridging the gap in IO with spectral angio-CT
M. Burgmans (Leiden/NL)

2105.4 Discussion

SY 2106 Exotic access and closure techniques for peripheral interventions
15:00-15:30, Room 113

2106.1 Evolution in the access sites in peripheral interventions. Choosing the best approach
A. Moelker (Bergschenhoek/NL)

2106.2 How I prevent vascular access complications with ultrasound guidance
A. Diamantopoulos (London/GB)

SY 2208 Approaching the venous patient: understanding the impact of patient reported outcomes in the treatment of disease in the deep venous system
16:15-16:35, Room 116

Moderator: G. Salazar (Chapel Hill, NC/US)

2208.1 Welcome, introduction, and background
G. Salazar (Chapel Hill, NC/US)

2208.2 ABRE study 24-month outcomes and case presentation
G. O’Sullivan (Galway/IE)

SY 2209 Approaching the venous patient: understanding the impact of patient reported outcomes in the treatment of disease in the superficial venous system
16:35-16:55, Room 116

Moderator: G. Salazar (Chapel Hill, NC/US)

2209.1 Welcome, introduction, background and a VenaSeal case
G. Salazar (Chapel Hill, NC/US)

2209.2 Patient treatment satisfaction and a VenaSeal case
C. Bicknell (London/GB)

SY 2309 NiTiDES: answering uncertainties of today’s SFA DES
17:30-17:50, Room 119

Moderator: S. Müller-Hülsbeck (Flensburg/DE)

2309.1 Introduction

2309.2 Limitations of today’s SFA DES
S. Müller-Hülsbeck (Flensburg/DE)

2309.3 NiTiDESTM: the innovative technology able to meet the un-met
R. Langhoff (Berlin/DE)

2309.4 Coupling NiTiDESTM with Cre8TM BTK to optimise my complex CLI patients
M. Sirvent (Barcelona/ES)

2309.5 Discussion

2309.6 Take home messages & conclusion

Cook Medical
SY 2401 Haemorrhoid embolisation
08:00-08:20, Room 114

2401.1 Haemorrhoid embolisation
V. Vidal (Marseille/FR)

SY 2801 Introducing Indigo System Lightning 7 and 12 – the latest innovation in thrombus removal with Lightning computer aided aspiration
13:00-14:00, Auditorium 2

Lunch bags available

Moderator: S.D. Qanadli (Lausanne/CH)

2801.1 Management of acute limb ischaemia with Lightning 7 and 12
A. Wigham (Oxford/GB)

2801.2 My experience with Lightning 12 for the treatment of pulmonary embolism
A.R. Alvi (Birmingham/GB)

2801.3 Early experience in DVT thrombus removal with Lightning 12
G. O’Sullivan (Galway/IE)

SY 2802 Optimising outcomes with the SIR-Spheres advantage
13:00-14:00, Room 116

Lunch bags available

Moderator: P. Paprottka (Munich/DE)

2802.1 Welcome

2802.2 Real-world data with SIR-Spheres: learnings to improve the patient outcomes
N. Schäfer (Lausanne/CH)

2802.3 Tailoring SIRT with SIR-Spheres for optimal results: three patient scenarios
M. Martínez de la Cuesta (Pamplona/ES)

2802.4 Unparalleled flexibility with Order-Map-Treat & FLEXdose Delivery Programme: a case-based discussion
E. Bozzi (Pisa/IT)

2802.5 Discussion and close

Merit Medical
SY 2803 Expanding patient access with Merit WRAPSODY™, the cell-impermeable endoprosthesis designed to meet clinical challenges in AVF & AVG interventions
13:00-14:00, Room 115

Lunch bags available

Moderators: B. Dolmatch (Palo Alto, CA/US), F. Fanelli (Florence/IT)

2803.1 WRAPSODY cell-impermeable endoprosthesis: why develop the next generation covered stent?
B. Dolmatch (Palo Alto, CA/US)

2803.2 Recorded case: successful treatment of a challenging AV stenosis with WRAPSODY cell-impermeable endoprosthesis
T.M. Steinke (Düsseldorf/DE)

2803.3 Case presentations – the value of WRAPSODY cell-impermeable endoprosthesis in treating challenging AV dysfunctions – part 1
O. Jaffer (London/GB)

2803.4 Case presentations – the value of WRAPSODY cell-impermeable endoprosthesis in treating challenging AV dysfunctions – part 2
F. Fanelli (Florence/IT)

2803.5 Case presentations – how I reduce reintervention rates in my practice with WRAPSODY cell-impermeable endoprosthesis
T. Almeida Barroso (Brasília/BR)

2803.6 Q&A

PharmaCept GmbH
SY 2905 DSM-TACE: first clinical data of European studies in liver and lung
14:30-15:30, Room 114

Moderator: B. Gebauer (Berlin/DE)

2905.1 HEPAtocellular carcinoma: management with transarterial chemoembolisation with degradable STARch microspheres (DSM-TACE) – the HEPASTAR study
F. Collettini (Berlin/DE)

2905.2 Transfer of DSM experiences from liver to lung
K. Malagari (Athens/GR)

2905.3 First randomised study results on transpulmonary chemoembolisation (FASL) in the context of Frankfurt experience on TPCE of lung tumours
T.J. Vogl (Frankfurt/DE)

Kinepict Health Ltd
SY 2906 Digital variance angiography, a new era in X-ray angiography
14:30-15:30, Room 113

Moderators: A. Mahnken (Marburg/DE), B. Nemes (Budapest/HU)

2906.1 Introduction

2906.2 Potential benefits of DVA in prostatic artery embolisation
T.J. Vogl (Frankfurt/DE)

2906.3 Advantages of DVA in transarterial chemoembolisation of hepatocellular cancer
P. Lucatelli (Rome/IT)

2906.4 Dose management capabilities of DVA: radiation dose and contrast media reduction
P. Sótonyi (Budapest/HU)

2906.5 Operating room experience with DVA in CO2-assisted lower limb interventions
B. Nemes (Budapest/HU)

2906.6 DVA in lower limb angiography of patients with metal implants
R.P. Thomas (Oldenburg/DE)

2906.7 Concluding remarks

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