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ProgrammeTopic highlights

Topic highlights

Read about some of this year’s topic highlights with articles from the respective lecturers!

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Drug eluting stents

by Dr. Hans van Overhagen, EBIR

SFA covered stents

by Dr. Jose Joaquin Muñoz Ruiz-Canela


Update on venous stents

by Prof. Gerard O’Sullivan, EBIR

Central venous access

by Dr. Elias Kehagias, EBIR

Varicose veins – stop diagnosing (only) and start treating!

by Dr. Felipe Veloso Gomes, EBIR and Dr. Mark Regi

Venous nightmares

by Dr. Andrew Wigham

The scope of venous intervention

by Dr. Adriaan Moelker, EBIR


Debulking atherectomy improves patency – pro

by Dr. Stavros Spiliopoulos, EBIR

Access to heavily calcified lower limb lesions

by Dr. Mariano Palena and Dr. Elisa Piccolo


Radiation free navigation

by Dr. Constantino Peña

Flared iliac limb vs. branched iliac stent graft

by Dr. Said Abisi and Dr. Enming Yong


Acute stroke management

by Prof. Wim H van Zwam


Thyroid embolisation

by Dr. Saim Yilmaz

Embolisation with non-adhesive liquid embolic agent

by Dr. Joo Young Chun, EBIR and Prof. Robert Morgan, EBIR


by Dr. Sara Protto, EBIR


Percutaneous cryoneurolysis: a primer for non-users

By Dr. Dimitrios Filippiadis, EBIR


By Prof. Christof M Sommer, EBIR

Vertebral augmentation hands-on device training

By Dr. Paul Lohle and Dr. Kai Wilhelm, EBIR

Interventional oncology


by Prof. Roberto Iezzi

IR management

IR trainee sessions

Building the best IR team

by Prof. Julien Garnon

Honorary Lectures