CIRSE Annual Congress

September 14-18 | Lisbon, Portugal

Patient centered - Science driven

September 14-18 | Lisbon, Portugal

Patient centered - Science driven

September 14-18 | Lisbon, Portugal

September 14-18 | Lisbon, Portugal

September 14-18 | Lisbon, Portugal

Patient centered - Science driven
ProgrammeWomen in IR workshop

Women in IR workshop: Influencing with authenticity and assurance

Saturday, Sept. 14, 16:15-18:45

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Session coordinators

Dr Alex Barnacle
Interventional radiologist

Sarah Perugia
Executive leadership coach


In this brand-new session format, an experienced executive leadership coach will give tips and tricks to help women gain confidence to lead with assurance, yet stay true to themselves. The highly interactive workshop will focus on empowering female IRs to exude confidence, command attention and captivate an audience when sharing ideas, speaking in meetings or presenting.

This workshop is designed for mid-career female IRs at consultant level who would like to take a fresh look at how they practice and what may be holding them back. The number of participants in this 2.5 hour workshop will be kept small to allow the group to explore these factors in depth. We expect this to be a very popular session, so those who wish to attend will be required to submit a short application form outlining what they would like to get from the session. This will also allow the coach to design the session around participants’ needs. Applications will be assessed by two senior female IRs and successful candidates will be informed by the end of May 2024. Participants will also be asked to complete a short piece of reflection before the session to bring with them to the workshop.

Workshop highlights

  • Crafting your authentic story
    We will explore the question ‘What is the story I tell about who I am?’. Participants will learn how shaping a personal narrative can boost confidence, gaining insights into constructing a compelling self-story that bolsters self-assurance and charisma.
  • The neuroscience of body language
    We will look at how the latest research in neuroscience can help strategic thinking even in high-pressure situations. Participants will explore the connection between body language, posture and mindset, and delve into techniques that enable them to command the room, convey authority and enhance their ability to connect with the audience.
  • Harnessing the power of perfect breathing
    Workshop participants will see how breathing techniques can help control nerves, maintain focus, and keep you centred, calm and present during high-stake presentations.
  • Presenting with passion
    Participant will be asked to speak for two minutes about a topic they are passionate about. This might be making the perfect pasta sauce, rock climbing, travel, running or bird-watching!

Women in IR sessions at CIRSE 2024

We talked to Dr. Alex Barnacle and Sarah Perugia to find out what attendees can expect of this year’s Women in IR sessions.

Application criteria

To participate in this workshop, applicants must:

  • be female
  • be a consultant in IR (not a trainee)
  • be mid-career (approx. 5-20 years of experience at consultant level)
  • submit the application form by May 21, 8:00 CEST

How to participate

If you would like to participate in this workshop and you already have a myCIRSE account, click on the button below to start the application process. If you do not have a myCIRSE account yet, click here to create one before starting your application.